Take care of YOU!

If you don’t do anything else today just please watch this video.

Taking time to look after yourself is an internal struggle for most if not all parents. I was made to believe that I now come last as a person and my identity will be lost to being a mother and I must do everything for my children and that is all. But why should it be that way? of course we should do whatever makes our children happy and give them everything they need but why can’t we do that for ourselves too?

Being a mother should not steal your identity or steal your happiness. We have the responsibility to find  the right balance in our lives to look after ourselves first so we can then give our all to our children. This video helped me to understand the importance of doing so and I hope it helps you too.

I’m a nurturer by nature, I want to love, help and look after the people in my life, I want to do everything I can. But what happens when you are always giving your all to those around you and your left feeling drained, exhausted and just down right tired. You start to build resentment, you become moody, unhappy and unfulfilled.  It’s a constant battle for us I feel. We get the awful mum guilt if we take time to do something for ourselves and I think it’s the way society makes it for women these days. How can you be happy and take care of others if nobody’s taking care of you? But I believe Jada is right it’s not your children or your partner who is responsible for your happiness, it’s on YOU! You have to find what makes you truly happy and what gives you fulfilment.

Give yourself time to relax, don’t feel guilty for being in the bath for over an hour, don’t question yourself as a mother when you decide to have a night out, don’t beat yourself up about wanting alone time, don’t be afraid to put yourself first YOU deserve it! And please know by looking after yourself your doing a better job of looking after those around you.

I hope tonight you get some time to yourself, even if it’s just to watch your favourite TV programme and I hope you realise the importance of self care.

If nobody has told you lately Your doing a great job Mamma! ❤