Reception to year 1 transition tips

How are all your littles doing settling back into school and their new classes? I felt this year was a big jump for Luca leaving early years 😢 and starting to learn the national curriculum. (I love everything about early years) Having worked within nursery/reception classes and higher years I myself was able to see the jump that Luca was about to make.

In Reception children learn in a play based, free flowing environment thats mainly child led, they may be guided from time to time by staff but ultimately they get to choose the areas they want to learn/play and with whom. Where as Year 1 tends to be more formal the national curriculum sets clear learning goals across all subject areas. The teaching is adult led and children have less choice in what they do. Children often miss the freedom they had being able to learn independently through play to now having to focus attention and sit down at a table for longer periods. So we wanted to support Luca with his transition as best we could and thought they could help someone else too. So below i’m sharing some tips that we implement that are proving to help ☺️

• Positivity – First of all above anything else is to always remain positive about new changes coming your child’s way. Luca himself was actually quite apprehensive about starting Year 1. The day he went to visit his new class he came home and said ” Mamma, they have no toys just tables and chairs”. In response I always gave and continue to give Luca a positive outlook on this new chapter for him.

• Limit extra curriculum activities – I didn’t want Luca to become overwhelmed by having to be somewhere doing something everyday of the week. I wanted him to be able to enjoy his own free time without having a busy schedule every evening after school when he’s already doing so much throughout his school day.

• Give your children free time – The biggest tip I can give thats really helped us so far is this – Allow your child to do what they like (within reason of course) when they get home. As soon as Luca gets home from school he says ” It’s my time to choose now isn’t it”. Luca gets free time between coming home and bedtime to be as child led as possible and to do his own thing. Usually choosing to play with his friends next door, build lego, go on the trampoline or swing set, play with his toys or just to watch a show, he’s able to choose how he spends his time just like in reception class. He has time to just be a kid and use his imagination. This has really helped Luca not feel constantly directed and gives him the freedom he wants and needs.

• Don’t start homework, spellings or reading books as soon as they get home from school – If you think just when you get home from work you need some downtime, your child needs the same. Imagine coming home from work to then be doing your job from home as soon as you get back, you would go a little stir crazy. It’s the same with our children give them a break to just be children without a work load. We don’t do any school related activities when Luca gets home, I want to give him a break even if it’s just for a couple of hours. We do reading books at bedtime along side our bedtime story and homework and spellings are done in increments throughout the evenings usually sometime after tea. I can usually tell when Luca has had enough and loosing concentration so we leave it for another day when he’s able to fully engage and give his best shot at it again.

Hope these little tips help you and your children settle into their new class ☺️🍎📚✏️🚸

Children don’t play like they used to…

Are we as a nation stressing ourselves and our children out by planning and cramming as many playdates, after school activities, and kids clubs into our week as we can?

Are we over scheduling our children’s lives full of things we think they should be doing ?

This is something I feel incredibly strong about within todays society. I personally think some parents can go into a competition frenzy of ‘ look how many activities my child does, my child does more than your child’. Parents are spread increasingly thin, they are always rushing, stressed, feeling over scheduled and are chaining themselves to a tiresome weekly routine, forgetting how children used to build their character and resilience through play.

We are starting our children at school at the tender age of 3 which is a whole different topic I won’t go into haha. But I just hope people don’t loose sight of how important it is for children to have the freedom to just play.

Gone are the days that we can allow our children to play as we once did. It’s crazy to think that at 24 I had what they call an ‘old fashioned childhood’. Full of making my own decisions, knocking on for my friends, making mud pies, playing knock a door run, building my own resilience, making dens, having freedom, climbing trees, having a full day ahead of me to explore and make my own games up, but knowing I should head back home when the streetlights came on. A bath and my tea would be waiting back at home for me, ready to go back out the next morning and do it all over again.

I often think back to those times as some of the best learning experiences of my life. I believe that the resilience I have as an adult today was created from those days being free as a child. I would have hated having my days filled up with all different activities/classes every day of the week missing out on playing with my friends. My parents promoted child initiated play, hobbies and activities into my life. They allowed me to get to an age where I developed my own interests and acted upon them at that stage. For example I developed a passion for horses so my dad paid for horse riding lessons every weekend. When he could see how much I thrived and loved being around horses he bought me my own horse. It wasn’t forced on me, It was me making a choice for myself as a child that thats what I wanted to spend my time doing. But what I see happening in society today is we are giving our children hobbies, we are enrolling them into all sorts of activities filling all our children’s free time up thinking they need to be kept busy at all times.

Can you imagine our children have a day at home with no plans and nothing to do, whatever will happen to our children if they are left to be bored and having to make their own games up…

Please don’t feel like a bad parent for not having your child enrolled in every club going. Some of my best childhood memories and lessons learnt come from the days where I had nothing but myself, the outdoors and my imagination.

We all parent different and I will never judge anyone else’s parenting. I’m to busy judging my own parenting style 😂. I want to get it right so badly as we all do, we all want to do the best for our children. But just think about how children used to learn through play. If your feeling stressed by your schedule maybe it’s time to change it. Now I know times have changed, I myself would not allow Luca to play out alone, so I ensure I do the things I did on my own as a child with him. I supervise from a distance, I allow him to take risks, go up to children and make friends, allow him to socialise without my interference, I ensure we get outdoors everyday, I allow him to climb a tree without my input promoting risk taking and allowing to learn for himself, I let Luca make mudpies, splash in puddles, play in dirt, pick bugs up, be around animals, ride his bike and run through fields. I allow Luca to have lots of free time, lots of child initiated play and activities where he chooses what he wants to do.

One thing I would love to change for children these days is for them to get outdoors more, learn more through nature rather than tv programmes. For them to put the ipads down and not be so over scheduled and to just allow children to be children. ❤️

What do you think?

When your feeling overwhelmed – read this

Heres just a little pick me up post for all you mamma’s and dads who are just down right overwhelmed. We all have those days, some days are just better than others. If it’s just a crappy day please read this to know that your not alone and your doing great – remember this too shall pass ❤️


I once read that a noisy, messy house is a healthy house.

That children who play loudly, shout, argue, tease, are wild and full of energy bouncing round the house are the happy kids. The kids who know you are their safe place, they have to filter and control their behaviour in the real world and when they get home they can just let go of all that and just be themselves, because they feel safe to do so. Abit like us, when we get home we take the makeup off, throw the hair up, shove the PJS on and just sloth! We wouldn’t necessarily do that just anywhere. It’s where we feel comfortable and where our children feel most comfortable so they can let themselves go. It’s like their way of saying they feel safe and loved with you ❤️ Keep that in the back of your mind when they are driving you crazy 😉

It’s the withdrawn children who don’t engage in play, who don’t make eye contact, the children who rock themselves, the children who are silent that don’t feel safe anywhere they go – silence is the real thing thats most worrying when it comes to our kids. So embrace the noise and mess, it’s memories they will keep with them in years to come. No child remembers amazing memories of how clean or quiet their house was. After all one day our children will be all grown up and we would do anything to have one more day of the childhood chaos ❤️

This to shall pass.

Should children be raised around animals?

What do you all think? Should our children be raised with pets in the house or not? It’s interesting to see peoples different opinions.

I’m that mum, when the kids ask for a puppy i say ‘ yeah cool lets get 5 ‘ 😂 I personally believe children gain lots of positives from being around animals. Children who are introduced to animals from an early age prevents them from developing anxiety’s and fears against them.

Having pets in the house is great for children, they learn important life skills of responsibility through learning how to take care of their animals. Creatures big or small can teach our children all about compassion, empathy and companionship too. Many times I have walked in on Luca snuggling the dog, whispering in the cats ear only secrets they are allowed to know, staring into the hamster cage, taking little bits of fruit to feed his hamster, stroking the dog, playing with the cat, both cat and dog lay down with Luca it really is wonderful to see the bond they all have. As Luca is an only child i’m pretty sure he sees them as his siblings which is so sweet ❤️

I was always around animals growing up, horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, have all been pets of mine. I always intended to carry this on to my children, as i have so many lovely memories from my childhood with my pets. We have 3 pets in the house at the moment. Tucker our dog, Jasper the cat and Honey our hamster the newest addition. I have found that pets build stronge family bonds and lasting memories. If I had it my way we would live on a farm with lots of different animals, and Luca would be outside everyday around those animals learning how to look after them 😀 Maybe one day 😉

Are you a pet person or not?

Ways to unplug

We are all guilty of it! Spending to much time on our phones. Staring at our screens, scrolling through instagram, emailing, texting, searching through facebook, snap-chatting, watching youtube videos and googling weird stuff. Does anyone else sometimes feel it just all becomes a bit overwhelming? As much as the internet connects us, sometimes it’s incredibly useful for your overall health to unplug and just take a little break for a while.

It’s been proven that phones reduce productivity. With smartphone users checking their phones up to 150 times or more a day it’s easy to see how distracted and detached we can become from our reality. I have put together some easy ways for you to go on a digital vacation to replenish yourself and stay in the moment.

• Go on a walk without your phone. Take in your surroundings without being detached. Notice the flowers you walk by, the birds whistling in the trees. Without sounding like a tree hugger, being in nature and being mindful about your surroundings can do wonders for you and your mental health. Theres nothing that calms me down more than getting outdoors and going for a walk.

• Delete your social media apps for a little bit. This will prevent temptation to click on them.

• Put your phone on do not disturb or flight mode for the whole day to prevent distractions. Instagram and facebook will still be there in the evening to catch up on anything you may have missed.

• Read more books, keeping your mind active without staring at a screen. Your able to get lost in your own imagination. Something most of us adults haven’t used in a while!

• Devote one day a week as a tech free day.

• Make a game out of it – say your out with family & friends, all put your phones in the middle of the table and the first one who picks their phone up to look at it pays the bill if none have you have checked your phones by the end of it you divide the bill equally. Doing this will enable you all to stay in the moment with each other and just enjoy each others company without distracting yourself.

• Consider getting rid of one social media account. Do we all need twitter, snapchat, facebook, instagram and whatever else? Can you limit yourself to using only 2 or 3 social apps?

• Take pictures on a digital camera instead of your phone. It’s easy to use the excuse of ‘I need my phone with me all the time for photos’ but you can leave it behind if you have a camera you can take out with you instead.

• Just turn off. It’s ok to just completely cut of every once in a while.

It’s important for us to disconnect every once in a while. Social media and all that comes with it can sometimes be quite honestly overwhelming. The picture perfect lives we see, make us think all sorts about ourselves and our own lives. Just remember thats not reality! To disconnect we are actually really able to connect ❤️

Christmas Eve/Christmas Day blog

Merry Christmas to you! I Hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and made lots of memories with your family and friends ❤️

I have to say this has been one of the best Christmases we have had. With Luca being 4 now, he understands exactly whats going on and doing our Christmas traditions with him has just been so magical this year. Having children at Christmas is just amazing isn’t it? We really have had so much fun. Eating way toooo much, relaxing, becoming certified toy builders that could give Santa a run for his money, expert gift wrappers, watched all the Christmas classic films, attended Christmas Mass at Church, danced, laughed, spent quality time together, let the house become a giant mess without worrying and made special lasting memories. It really has been the best! 🎅🏼🎁🎄

Here is our Christmas in photos for you ❤️

lets stop the mum shaming!



Hi guys! hope your all doing good, I just wanted to pop over and write a post about something that has really been getting to me these past few weeks.

Does anyone else feel like everyone is in competition with each other these days? Especially when it comes to parenthood and raising our children! The mum shaming phenomenon where everyone feels entitled to express their judgements is absolutely unnecessary and harmful it needs to STOP!

I’m sure women reading this will understand what I am talking about and the ways in which we are shamed. Every aspect of our lives is looked at and judged, without people even really knowing us most of the time. Everything down to what our children eat, if a mother is breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, co-sleeping, if your a young mum, if you home school your children, if your a stay at home mum or working mum, if your a single mum, even down to how many Christmas presents you buy your children – everything is scrutinised. I think I can talk on behalf of a lot of mums, that we are absolutely exhausted with having the pressure of being the perfect parent. I have spoke to a few friends about this and they have told me that’s just what you sign up for when you become a mother, but I don’t believe it should be this way!

Women should be empowering each other, lift each other up, help each other and spreading kindness to one another. That’s why I wanted to write this post to try and uplift some of you mama’s. If your child has ate fish fingers 3 nights in the row your still a good mum, if your child sat on an iPad for 3 hours straight just so you could get a little peace your still a good mum, if you breastfeed or bottle feed your still a good mum, if you forgot to read your child a bedtime story last night your still a good mum, if the children have stayed indoors all day your still a good mum., if you buy your children lots of Christmas presents or if you only buy your child one your still a good mum. It’s wrong to make a person feel less than because they do something different from you. I’m all about wanting to helping others and trying to empower women. I wrote a post about choosing not to use an iPad whilst Luca is young, but I would never judge parents who do use them not for one second! We all have to do what we need to, to get through the day sometimes, we all parent differently, and I can’t understand why everyone can’t just be content with how they parent without passing comments onto other parenting styles. As long as that child is healthy, happy and safe it should not matter.

Logging onto social media can be the worst playground for the mum shaming, so I’m hoping to spread some kindness over there today. If you head over to my Instagram you will see I have posted a picture, tag a mama you know to let her know she is doing a great job. Make someone smile today, uplift and empower someone today ❤


Festive weekend

Hey Hey! Here are some pictures from our weekend. We had soooo much fun, seeing Santa, dog walks in the snow, sledging & just being together making memories. The weekend felt extra special because we got snow, i absolutely love it. My ideal kind of holiday would be staying in a chalet in the Swiss Alps, skiing in the snow. I would take that over sunbathing any day haha! I hope you all had a great weekend too! 😆🎄🎅🏼☃️🎁🐶❄️🛷


Christmas traditions to start this year


With Christmas around the corner I have put together a list of traditions that you may want to start with your family this December that you can carry on throughout the years. Christmas is by far my favourite time of year and having children makes it even more magical. I hope your all having a great December so far 🙂

  • Putting the Christmas tree up as a family – There is no better tradition to get into the Christmas spirit and make memories with your loved ones than all decorating the tree together.
  • Make gingerbread houses.
  • Watch Christmas movies – Does anyone else absolutely love the cheesy low budget Christmas films on the Christmas channel haha? I’m deffs one of those people! But some of the good old classics I watch every year are: Grinch, The Santa Clause 1,2,3, Elf and Home Alone.
  • Go on a light hunt – You can take a walk around your neighbourhood or go out in the car to hunt for Christmas lights, the children will love it.
  • Go ice skating.
  • Elf on the shelf – This is our first year doing Elf on the shelf and it’s been a huge success! Luca loves waking up in the morning running around the house hunting for his Elf.
  • Write and post Santa letters .
  • Bake cookies.
  • Donate old toys/clothes to charity.
  • Read Christmas books.
  • Make reindeer food – Grab some porridge oats, glitter and sequins mix together for a magical treat to put out on your lawn on Christmas eve.
  • Christmas Eve bag/box.
  • Visit Santa himself.
  • Visit your local garden centre – Something we do every Christmas as they decorate it so festive and lovely.
  • Send out Christmas cards to friends and family.
  • Buy or make a new bauble decoration each every year to hang on the tree.
  • Matching PJ’s
  • Leave milk/mince pie and carrots out for Santa and his reindeers on Christmas Eve.
  • Wear Christmas jumpers.
  • Throw a Christmas Eve party.
  • Eat candy canes.
  • Make Christmas crafts/pictures – Get on Pinterest!
  • Visit a light switch on in your town.
  • Visit Christmas Markets.
  • Go sledging & build a snowman – If the weather permits.
  • Make homemade pancakes for breakfast.
  • Go to a Christmas service at Church.
  • Pull crackers.
  • Have Christmas dinner together as a family.
  • Christmas Karaoke.
  • Play a family board game.
  • Wrap gifts to Christmas music.
  • Read Christmas stories under the Christmas tree in your PJs.
  • Make a special gift/card for the kids teachers.


Luca’s room tour

Welcome to Luca’s room tour! Luca is 4 and the biggest Thomas the Tank fan ever 😆. I designed this room to not only be his bedroom but a playroom too, as he just has soooooo many toys haha! I have added links to most of the furniture in his bedroom incase you want to shop any of the stuff. If you have any questions pop over to my instagram and send me a messege or leave a comment down below. Hope you enjoy ☺️


Luca’s dress up area – Wardrobe

Luca’s Library 🙂 these shelves are actually picture ledges, but are perfect for storing books on. They come in various lengths – Shelves

Table – ChairsBed




No Thomas The Tank fans bedroom is complete without the big sky high track ha! 







As Luca has so many toys, i got this storage unit to store them in, where i can organise his toys into different boxes instead of just thrown all together. These can be stood upright or lay down. The boxes that go into the unit come in a variety of colours too.