Luca’s room tour

Welcome to Luca’s room tour! Luca is 4 and the biggest Thomas the Tank fan ever 😆. I designed this room to not only be his bedroom but a playroom too, as he just has soooooo many toys haha! I have added links to most of the furniture in his bedroom incase you want to shop any of the stuff. If you have any questions pop over to my instagram and send me a messege or leave a comment down below. Hope you enjoy ☺️


Luca’s dress up area – Wardrobe

Luca’s Library 🙂 these shelves are actually picture ledges, but are perfect for storing books on. They come in various lengths – Shelves

Table – ChairsBed




No Thomas The Tank fans bedroom is complete without the big sky high track ha! 







As Luca has so many toys, i got this storage unit to store them in, where i can organise his toys into different boxes instead of just thrown all together. These can be stood upright or lay down. The boxes that go into the unit come in a variety of colours too. 


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