What would you tell your 16 year old self?


Thanks for popping over, time to get all nostalgic and head back to our teenage years… I would love for people to get involved with this post. Leave a comment down below or send me a message on instagram on some of the life lessons you have learnt along the way. You never know who may be reading this post, and if we can share some wisdom that can help someone with things we wish we knew back then that would be amazing. Although I believe in not holding on to regrets I have realised that there is some advice I was never given that I may have found useful.

Dear 16 year old self,

  • Don’t be in such a rush to grow up… I left home when I was 16 and to think back now I was so young, I really had to grow up fast. Over night I was transformed into a young care free school girl with lots of friends and a great social life, to suddenly having to completely fend for myself. I had to pay bills, do the food shop, work, clean, budget so that meant not being able to go out and see my friends as much, make all my own food, wash and iron my own clothes and basically be an adult. Like I said no regrets, I learnt some very valuable lessons at a young age. But looking back I wish I would of been able to stay living at home and to just enjoy being young. There’s no rush in growing up, weather you like it or not it’s going to happen and your going to have a life full of responsibilities. Embrace being young, wild and care free 😀
  • The school years are the best years… I remember my brother telling me this and I would look at him as if he was crazy. When I was at school I couldn’t wait to leave, ironic isn’t it that now I would do anything to go back. Your school years really are some of the best years of your life. One major positive is that you get to see your friends every single day, I can assure you that won’t  happen when your an adult! Even though I don’t see most of the people I once went to school with, I still hold the memories I have with those people very close to me. I could of done a lot better in school than I did but I compensate that for some of the most hilarious, crazy, fun, couldn’t make it up if you tried memories I have. Enjoy it all, you will look back on your school years a lot as you grow up.
  • Put the phone down… Ok so I know this generation is phone crazy, I have a teenage sister who barley comes up from air from her phone. But I really do believe so much pressure comes from social media and likes for young girls and boys. Social media is an illusion, people only put out what they want others to see, you don’t get to see the whole picture basically. You don’t have to feel the pressure of having to look a certain way at all times or have certain materialistic things because you see it online. A phone connects you to others who are far away but takes you away from those who are right next to you, I tell my sister this all the time. Take a breather from the phone, be in the real world for a little bit. Everything will still be there when you look back at your phone in a little bit, just be with those people who are right next to you, spend time with them making memories because they won’t be there forever.
  • Greet the janitor with the same respect as the CEO… One of the best lessons I have learnt without a doubt. I learnt this lesson the hard way for myself. In the first job I ever had when I left school. I was treated like the lowest of the low, given all the crappy jobs nobody else wanted to do and though they could pass onto the new girl, I worked more hours and did more jobs than most of the people in that place. But what really got to me was the way some of those people spoke to me because they were higher than me. I made a promise while I was there that I would never make someone feel less than a person because of their job status. I don’t care if I’m talking to a homeless person or the boss of a huge company I will speak and show them the same level of respect. A persons status or bank account shouldn’t determine how you treat that person.
  • Don’t be afraid of change it’s the only way you can ever really grow.
  • Work hard, your going to need them GCSE’s at some point in your life even if not straight away. 
  • Family will be your greatest support throughout life be kind to them.
  • The career path you choose at 16 isn’t always what you end up doing later on in life and that’s ok. (It’s never to late to change career path)
  • Don’t miss out for a relationship. 
  • Be kind to yourself, you may feel old but your still young and mistakes happen. Remember never a failure always a lesson. 
  • Everything happens for a reason, and although at the time you can’t always see that reason, one day it will be reviled to you and it will all make sense. 
  • Your stronger than you think you are. 
  • Your more than a number on a scale. 
  • Follow your heart and your dreams but take your brain with you. 
  • Time passes anyway no matter how long something takes, may as well fill the tsionate about. 



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