Bedtime routine


If you are wanting to put your child into a routine or just want a bedtime routine example, here is a quick little insight into Luca’s, which he has been in since 3 months old. This example is from a school night, during the weekends and holidays we are much more flexible.

5.30 – 6.15: Tea time! During this time we sit together at the table, talking non stop and laughing. One of my favourite times. Tonight’s tea was homemade Shepard’s pie & veggies πŸ™‚ ❀

6.15 – 7.15: Play time! Time for Luca to choose what he wants to do. Sometimes he goes of to play in his room, we go for a walk, or we watch his favourite TV show. This night we played some of Luca’s favourite games. The classics Hungry hippos & Buckaroo! And of course we were building and playing train tracks, with his favourite Thomas the Tank engines.

7.15-7.30: Bath time! I still use nutmeg bedtime bath & baby wash fromΒ Morrisons I have used this since Luca was born and still to this day swear by it for relaxing him and being gentle to his skin. I still also use Johnson’s shampoo & conditioner. Do any of you mamma’s still use baby products for older kids ha?

7.30-8.00: Brush teeth, Toilet & story time! After the bath, we brush teeth, toilet for a last empty and then of to choose a bedtime story. On a weeknight we have stories and on weekends he chooses a dvd to watch in bed πŸ™‚

I hope my bedtime routine can give some guidance to others for whatever reason. Routines are great for children, they promote confidence, better sleeping and security. They are also great for being able to have your own time in the evenings when the kids are tucked up in bed πŸ™‚ win win!

Ps: If you want to know more about bedtime routines I have added a link for you to do some more research, Establishing a good bedtime routine. πŸ™‚

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